Started in 2006, Rueven Tan began as a hobbyist photographer. He ventured into concert/gig and landscape photography where he explored various techniques. He believes that it is essential in the process of crafting, capturing and creating a photo. To him, crafting a picture is more than just telling a story. It is demonstrating one’s capability, paired together with the knowledge that one has gained over years of experience, to weave a tale of visual narrative.

His main passion of photography has always been a colourful mix of concert/gig, landscape and architecture photography. He enjoys mixing and blending these two styles, to create a masterpiece of sorts. 
With many years of experimenting and improvising, Rueven has traverse into the abyss of the manipulation of lights through the works of mainly landscape, portraitures and conceptual. He does this even with his professional works that includes events and pre-weddings. He never stops improving and finds that through experimentation is what ensures him to move forward and stand out from the rest.